November 4

Bring Your RV, the Whole Family and Your Lake Havasu Itinerary!


Family Fun at Emerald Cove RV Resort

With Halloween behind us and the holiday season on the horizon, you may be wondering what you can do to fill your calendar with fun, family friendly events. Look no further because Colorado River Adventures hand selected three of the most exciting and heartwarming events that will delight everyone from your spouse, sibling, child and even your pet!

Before we dive into the adventure that awaits you, there is one thing that you must know. It may be a surprise to you, as many of our guests were delighted by this discovery – Lake Havasu is a short drive away from one of our highest regarded California RV resorts. You read that correctly! Emerald Cove is conveniently located nearby Lake Havasu City, which thousands upon thousands of visitors flock to everyday for its warm, sandy beaches, boating escapades, fishing quests, casinos and so much more. So if you’re looking for cabin rentals or rv campsites in Southern California, here is what you need to know about Emerald Cove Resort:

  • We offer family friendly camping and are a pet friendly RV
  • From our River Rats Kids Club to our dog parks, you can rest assured that your entire family will be fully entertained.
  • We have 24 hour security to ensure a comfortable, worry-free stay.
  • Despite being far away in the mountains, you will be given Wifi access for your communication needs and browsing pleasure.
  • We boast over 800 campsites, many of them being riverfront RV suites that overlook the gorgeous Colorado River.
  • Emerald Cove is situated on one mile of private white sandy beach.
  • For our fellow golfing enthusiasts, we proudly offer you a 9 hole golf course and an 18 hole mini golf.
  • The premises is also comprised of a clubhouse, Country Store, 2 covered pools, 2 Jacuzzis and more.

Now that you have a greater sense of what our campsite can offer you and your loved ones, we are excited to share with you the top 3 events that you must experience in Lake Havasu while staying with us! Without further ado, here they are:

  • The 5th Annual Sand, Water & RV Expo: This event has been a guest favorite for the past 5 years, for it offers spectators the rare opportunity to browse the latest and greatest off-roading vehicles, RV’s and boats at this delightful desert oasis. Kids 6 and under are free, and adults will be set back just $3 each. From the “Fab 50” Hot Boat Show and Shine to the “Rock It” After-Party, this event cannot be missed! Enjoy it to the fullest on November 19th (9am – 5pm) and November 20th (9am-3pm). Click here for more details.
  • The 21st Annual Festival of Lights: Nothing has made our campsite guests feel the holiday spirit more than Lake Havasu’s family stroll under the London Bridge. From November 25th through January 1st, you and your loved ones can take in more than 500,000 majestic lights that light the water up like you’ve never seen before. Observe from the bridge walkway or jump aboard a cruise through the Bridgewater Channel for a truly unforgettable evening. Feel free to contact us or the London Bridge resort for more details.
  • 34th Annual Boat Parade of Lights: Elected as one of the top 100 events in the United States by the American Bus Association, the Annual Boat Parade of Lights is a truly magical event that cannot be missed. This year’s theme is named “Bright Ideas,” which doesn’t come as a surprise being that 50 boats will be “brightly” decorated in their holiday best. Beginning their voyage in Thompson Bay, the boats will be aglow as they make their way under the London Bridge and through the Bridgewater Channel. More details, including how to enter your boat in the parade, can be unfolded by clicking here.

Your RV vacation and Lake Havasu ambitions so compatibly go together. So, bring your friends, your family, your pets and your RV and visit us for a truly unforgettable dream vacation. Whether you are looking to duck out of town for the holiday season, or are planning next Summer’s target destination, give us a call at 866-217-8111. Our friendly staff is standing by and looking forward to helping you make your riverfront RV vision come to fruition.


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